Time of day transferred to Strava is not correct


I rode London last night at 8:44 pm German time, Strava says I rode at 11:44 am, which is 9 hours back. How can I switch the time?



You could delete the ride off Strava then download the fit file from Zwift then edit the start time use a fit file editor and then uplaod manually to Strava. I’ve used the editors below with success:


This happens to me as well. Even weirder If I delete the ride in Strava, and then manually re-upload, initially I get the correct time, but If I edit the ride In Strava it goes back to the wrong time.

Typically the cause is your location setting in your Strava profile.

I have had this issue for a long time. I finally figured it out. It was Stravas settings. Like the above comment. In my case it was not my location, but my time zone. In Ostrava the time zone gets auto populated. Even though I was in Connecticut, the time zone was populating with LA time zone. I tried it 6 times finally had to type without a comma my town then CT. I could not spell full state out or put a comma in. If I did it chooses the wrong timezone. 


Check your Time zone and try to figure out what will work to make it correct.