Zwift ride start time doesn't match Strava ride start time

I’ve been noticing that when I do group rides in Zwift, my Strava ride results don’t show me riding with anyone. When I look at the FlyBy in Strava, it shows the group heading out and then my guy starts a few minutes later. I’ve also notice that if a ride starts at 5:00 in Zwift, the start time on Strava shows my ride starting at 5:04.

I’m trying to think of why this problem is occurring but not having any luck with searches and stuff.

Would anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

EDIT: I should add that the only thing I can think of is the time on my laptop is off a bit. Could the time difference btw the laptop and my phone (which uploads the ride to Strava) be the cause?

Strava uses your PC time to timestamp the ride.

Then that’s it. Thank you for confirming.