Zwift power does not show up in Strava [SOLVED]

Hi. first time posting, go easy on me. My zwift rides transfer to Strava ok, but power does not show up in Strava. Power from a simple wahoo fitness ride using the same smart trainer does show up in Strava however. Anyone experience this (power not transfered from Zwift to Strava)?

Hi Chuck, welcome to the friendly Zwift forum :sunglasses:,

We are alway easy.

I have not experience strava not getting power numbers from Zwift, but as they say never say never.

Can you link the strava ride, maybe me or someone can spot something odd.

Was it only one activity or does it happen to all your rides?

hey, thanks for quick response. by linking strava ride, you mean this? :

that work?
thanks again!

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I guess your profile is set to private.

You can take a screen shot and past it here, so you don’t have to open up your profile.

Does it happen to every ride?

sorry, yeah, forgot. zwift link to the ride is here:
not sure if that works.

strava screen capture here:

This is very strange,

So Zwift show the power data, but there is nothing in strava, but it does show Distance and Moving time.

Hi guys @Paul_Allen and @Daren , what am I missing?

I would just delete the activity off of Strava, redownload it from and upload it again to Strava to see if that resolves the issue.

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That is a good idea.

@Chuck_Sullivan Is all the ride doing this or only this one?

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hi. thanks to all. all rides are doing this. including one ride last week for which I did just that … loaded it manually from Zwift (fit file). But… I plan to ride again this evening, and will load it manually from .com (fit) instead of app, to try again. will get back to you!

also, wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with Strava side (premium vs non premium)… but my wahoo transfers show power with no issues.

No that should not make a difference, I am on the free strava non premium.

The fit file from Zwift should contain power data. :thinking:

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click on “Analysis” on the left side under “Overview” that should display all your power.

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You could try importing it into another tool to see if the power shows up. That would verify that the power is in the .fit file (or not).

If the power is there and shows up in another tool, then it’s probably a Strava problem. If the power isn’t there, it’s a Zwift export problem.

e.g. you could use

If you launch the “Section Remover” ( you will get output that shows whether power is in the file.

Here’s one I’ve just done:


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hi. did another trial last night. same results. no “power” in analysis, no “power” anywhere in Strava. Power does show in Zwift. I will try Daren’s suggestion to open in another tool and get back with you all. thanks again!

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ok, mystery continues. performed Daren’s suggestion with fitfiletools, “section remover”, and get the data below, suggesting that power is in the fit file. I’ve reached out to Strava support multiple times, no response. weird though that wahoo power shows up in strava just fine. you guys suggested that it wasn’t free vs premium in strava, but what about “trial” vs “paid subscription” in Zwift? I just recently became a paid member, wasn’t sure if I’m still on “trial” yet for a few days still. thanks!

There is no difference in Paid and Trial membership except for the amount of time/mile you can ride.

I wonder if it has something to do with your settings on Strava, maybe data permissions is not allowed or something?

thanks. I will explore data permissions.

so I set/confirmed that data permission allowance just now, will eval another fit file when I get a chance. but that permission seemed to only imply “health devices” (heart rate).

ok, very interesting. sorry for so many posts. but I deleted the ride last night from strava that was saved directly from the zwift app. I then loaded the fit file manually back into strava, and power shows up now!! (that was not the case when I tried this last week… but now not confident that I did it correctly :slight_smile: ). so I’m completely ok with manual uploads. But… not sure how to end a ride in Zwift and save in Zwift without transfering to Strava. would prefer to not have to transfer from app, delete at .com, then upload at .com for each ride, just to get power. hope that made sense.