Power data in fit file corrupt and ignored by Strava

Noticed after a race event last night that my power data displayed in Strava was “calculated” rather than shown as from my power source/trainer. Weird given the file came from Zwift.

Deleted ride from Strava and re-imported the fit file from my Windows PC that runs Zwift. Same result. Calculated power.

Took that fit file and ran it through fitfiletools dot com to regenerate the file and then uploaded that new file to Strava and low and behold, proper power data!

Had same issue for the pre-event ride data too. Fixed that the same way. I also looked back to the previous day when I did the same, and the same had happened there too.

I used the “join event” button from my pre-event ride and I think this is the issue. Both rides, when uploaded to Strava contain corrupted power data.

Anyone else seen this, or has anyone even looked? Seems to me it’s a continuation of the issue from earlier in the year when the fit was was corrupt.

Yes, I have the same problem. Last two rides without power data, both acitvities were workouts.

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This issues appears to be with Strava, not with Zwift. It occurs when you tick the “hide power” box and does same for both Zwift and IRL rides when you have power data. Have logged a ticket with Strava.