Zwift Academy 2023 corrupt fit files?

Out of the six ZA 2023 workouts, three appear to have corrupt or truncated .fit files for me. The three workouts affected show up just fine in my Zwift profile/feed and in zwiftpower. However, in Strava and the “intervals dot icu” app I use they show up as shortened rides, in most cases cutting off the final several minutes including the final and hardest free ride interval. Has this happened to anyone else?

I’ve tried deleting the ride on Strava and re-uploading the .fit file but nothing changes. It appears the problem is originating in Zwift. Strange that the other three workouts and both races have uploaded correctly.

it is most likely your internet dropout.
be glad that zwift and zp have all of your ride.
i don’t think it is repairable.

Thanks. I was curious about that. I’ve seen other posts where people have said they have no .fit file at all after a ride/workout, likely due to internet dropout. Wouldn’t that affect the actual workout as I was doing it, though? I’m not very smart about these things. I have never, ever before had this problem until these three rides, seriously. Everything has always uploaded just fine which is what bothered me about these.

I suppose an option might be to delete the ride from Strava and manually input as much of the actual data as I can from my Zwift profile/feed.

Anyway, thanks for the response!

I’ve been giving this a little more thought because it bugs me.

Zwift Power appears to have the correct data. Are they not getting it from Zwift via a .fit file? I wonder if I can download data from Zwift Power then upload to Strava?

let us know if that works