Zwift power does not show up in Strava [SOLVED]

did you have to make a change to the data permissions, or was it already allowed?

If that’s your only way of fixing it, just disconnect your Strava account from Zwift.

Really shouldn’t be necessary though - it works for everyone else! :smiley: There must be something about your particular situation, but only Zwift support can really dig into the details I expect.

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hi, just closing the loop back with you guys. Enabling “health related data” permissions in Strava took care of the problem. somewhere in the chain it seems that more than just the heart sensor is lumped into “health related data”. thanks again!!


Interesting, I never get my power data in Strava and I assumed it was Strava being greedy and hiding the data in order to push people to pay for Strava premium

Good to know! I don’t ever recall having to enable such a thing. I was a relatively early adopter (11826th, in fact, assuming that’s how Strava IDs work), so I guess they added it later and defaulted existing users to “enabled”.

Hi Daren. Pasting response from Strava support ticket here below, for further learning. Curiosity now has me wanting to explore further "…due to our process for stripping out heart rate data… " , but I think I’ll let it go and forego the 20 questions back to Srava. :slight_smile:

" Hi Chuck,

Sorry for the trouble. It looks like you’ve either denied or have yet to grant Strava consent to process and store your health-related data which includes heart rate data.

Unfortunately, at this time, certain data from your device will be lost during uploading due to our process for stripping out heart rate data. Missing data includes activity type, laps, barometric data, and device calculated distance. This data can only transfer correctly if you allow Strava to collect and process health data for future activities by changing your permission settings.

Also note that in the future our team won’t be able to add health-related data back to any activities uploaded while Strava did not have permission to store this data. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Strava Support Team"

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