power showing while riding, but no distance. 0km when uploading

Help please

When riding, the power data is recording properly, and the distance seems good too. However, when I finish and upload, the Zwift webpage account shows zero km distance and ‘partial’ ride, and just gives the power data. Nothing uploads to strava as no distance is registered.

However, if i upload the fit file manually to strava, it has all the details.

Very frustrated…

Been going on for a while now and giving up hope.


Most, if not all of the time this is an internet connectivity issue.

Are you noticing your rider list emptying out, or riding alone? This is likely an internet connectivity issue as Paul mentioned.

Edit: See our article on partial rides for more information.

Thanks for your replies, but  am still no further forward. I have checked the wifi and ensured it is strong. The problem seems to be more fundamental.

I have an Elite Turbo Muin with the Misuro B+ sensor. The data I am getting is just all wrong. It comes up initially as a power sensor Elite 7866. I unpair that and do a search for power+ classic trainer and choose Elite Muin fluid trainer.

Then off I go pushing out 1200w turning the cranks by hand!

I have been using Zwift for well over a year now but after a few months not using it due to an accident, it now seems I can no longer use it with my trainer. Frustrated and ready to give up (or just buy a decent turbo maybe?)