Marked as ZP but have a power meter


I just finished a race using the same turbo I used a year ago with no issues

I have been marked as ZP even though i have a power meter and cadence meter on my turbo on zwift power

I wondered if anyone could help. Regards, Sam

Profile number on zwiftpower 550913

Looking at the ‘photo’ associated with your activity, I don’t see the little ‘lightning bolt’ next to your name, which would indicate that you didn’t actually connect your power meter to Zwift as your power source. Hence the ZPower assignment.

For what it’s worth, it looks like your power meter was your source of power for your December 31, 2020, race, but you were on ZPower for your January 10, 2021 activity and appear to have been since (though you haven’t had many activities in that time period).

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Thanks for the help
On my strava, it seems to have the white lightning bolt next to my power, which is the same as it was a year ago.

I don’t have any other way of recording my speed as its a direct drive turbo trainer, so not sure how it could use zwift power.

Very odd!

Nope - this is a snip from your Strava photo


Thats so odd.
Thanks for that

I connected my power meter before my ride, it even came up in the correct section of the menu!

No clue whats happening

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Hi @Sam_Sharp

What trainer do you use. Did you pair as power and controllable.

I’m going to bet my reputation on it being an Elite Muin Smart B+



I have an elite turno trainer from about 3 years back. It is a smart trainer but doesn’t change resistance (non interactive)


This is not correct @Jeff_Henck

If it transmit power and it is on the recognized list as a valid power meter then it will show as Power.

You shouldn’t have bet your rep!

he’s mostly correct because they both use a misuro b+ sensor to estimate power rather than taking a power measurement from the unit itself, a method which zwift sometimes recognises as ZP, sometimes it doesn’t. i don’t know the logic behind it, from a functional standpoint i’d consider it a form of ZP though.


So in theory this is something i just have to deal with when it happens?
Is there a work around or am i just stuck with this


no there is no workaround if Zwift determined that the trainer is not on the validated trainer list.

That trainer is very easy to adjust the power level to read higher or lower: see this

Best option is to get a power meter.

That’s incredibly frustrating!

What a shame!

Clearly it’s time for a new trainer! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I wish :joy:
Ive only done 1000km over the past 3 years :joy:

probably not but if you don’t race then it doesn’t matter. and even if you do, there are some events that don’t exclude ZP riders from the results. my dad (not on zwift) uses a muin though and it overestimates power like crazy, so i wouldn’t trust the numbers from it

events on zwiftpower with this tag will most likely DQ you from the results

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But you’re still young and the next Zwift Academy is right around the corner!! :wink:


Why not get a power meter that you can use indoors and outdoors if you don’t want to spend more on an indoor trainer ?

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Yeah my new bike on order has one, but the stock issues means its going to be next winter at this rate!

Thanks everyone for the help, ill focus on intervals instead!

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