ZP Disqualification


In Zwiftpower I get the ZP DQ all the time and I don’t know why. I cannot even activate zpower due to my rig. Some races ago it worked flawlessly with the same rig. I wear a hr monitor. The last race it doesn’t even show my stats (I had 4 disconnects, is that’s why?). I would be grateful if someone could look into this and Tell me what Im doing wrong.

ZP means the race organiser has chosen to disqualify anyone without a power meter - either on their bike pedals/cranks, or in their turbo trainer - from the filtered results. Most races use this principle, since racing without a power meter means your efforts may not be accurately translated to in-game speed. That’s not to say you’re not working hard etc, just that it’s an estimate.

Describe your bike/trainer setup and it’ll explain.

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Ah thank you.
I have the elite turbomuin Smart b+ and my bike directly connected to it. Can I somehow upgrade this rig so the results are fine? Thanks kn advance!

Hmm, well that trainer is usually considered as quite inaccurate so it may be that the DQs are being done manually on that basis. However you should ensure it is being paired correctly to Zwift. If possible, post a screenshot of the pairing screen with your trainer connected.

We have 2 club mates who have those trainers - ignoring the fact that the accuracy is way out especially as the numbers get higher - one gets a DQ for ZP consistently while another results stand - we think it’s due up how they connect, one using BT, one using Ant+

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That particular trainer is somehow singled out by Zwift and treated the same way as Zpower, presumably due to its notorious inaccuracy. If you look at the riders nearby list while riding yourself, you’ll see that you don’t have the lightning bolt icon next to your name. Not much you can do about it, apart from getting a power meter and using that as your power source (or changing to a different trainer).

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Thanks guys so far. I have the opportunity to get a elite direto. Will it work with it or do I have the same problems then?

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Afaik it’s just the Turbo Muin, you should be fine with the Dorito^WDireto.

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Upgrade in every way, including racing validity.


Thanks all, I ordered a Direto XR. Have a great weekend and ride on!

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