No result in Zwift power

I have done a couple a races now but my placements and results are not uploaded to ZwiftPower. I am using a Elite TurboMuin trainer. I have configurated the misuro b+ sensor and configurated the Trainer with the Elite trainer App. The trainer reads watts and I am always pairing the trainer with the option “Power Source”.
Very thankful for all possible help to identify what the problem is!

Are your Zwift activities set to private?
I believe you must change it, but not sure…

Edit - Elite Turbo Muin is Zpower, could be you are dqd!

Yeah, that’s probably it. Check the Filtered tab on the results page to see if you show up in the raw results with a ZP disqualification code, which should also be visible on your personal Zwiftpower profile page.

Thank you very much!
Does anyone know what the “ZP” disqualification Code mean? What can I do about it?

Basically it means your power source (speed sensor or Turbo Muin) is not accurate enough for racing. Your options are getting a power meter to use as the power source (of course if you already have one, that’s really easy then) or changing to a smart trainer (preferably direct drive).


Thank you very much for your answers! Everything makes sense now