Elite muin power issue

hi, when using the elite muin turbo the sensor will connect but the lightening bolt icon wont display next to my name in game mode which suggests the power meter isnt connecting. in the past when searching for power source the elite power sensor would be listed but now only the misuro sensor, any help would be great. thanks

I would check using the Elite app, and contact Elite support or post on their forum.

If i understood correctly your power is being send to Zwift?

However, the Elite Turbo Muin and other Misuri b sensor based trainers will not show up as a powermeter. They are considered zpower/dumb trainer by Zwift due to the very inaccurate way they measure power. It is very normal to see turbo Muin trainers measuring 15-20 % too high, so they have been classified as zpower because of that and no lightning bolt shows up.

Only way to fix this is using a proper power meter or smarttrainer

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Are you 100% sure about this?
According to the Zwift support article the b+ should be connected as a power source

Im 95 % sure. I have had both a turbo muin and the newer version Turno, back in 2017-2019 and they would show up as zpower, if i tried to connect them instead of my pm. Not completely sure about how it worked as all the info has been lost in the zp forum. I believe zwift reclassified all the model numbers that was connected to the turbo muin. So you connect them as power source like normally, but it will show up as zpower ingame without the lightning bolt on the riders list

Edit: Managed to find a old post on another forum saying this as well. Post nr. 3

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Yes it will show as zpower in game but it should be paired as power.

Yeah, i think thats whats confusing the OP. He writes he doesn’t see the lightning bolt, but is connected to zwift. As i wrote there is no fix for that as it just how a turbo Muin works is Zwift. Connecting as elite or misuro b sensor should make no difference there

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so looks like i need to get a new smart trainer. any recommendations for around £500-600

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Probably other people who know more about trainers at that pricepoint, but the Zwift Hub is a really solid option at 449 £. Depending on your the location you can also buy the Jetblack Volt V2 as its the same trainer as the Zwift Hub


The Elite Suito T Smart Turbo looks good…any thoughts ??
or the Elite - Direto XR-T OTS Smart Turbo Trainer on sale at evans cycles for £499 from £829

Again, don’t know that much about the cheaper trainers, but a quick look at specs, they are pretty similar, so i would go with the cheapest of those. If you want to go a step up, i would look at either the Elite Direto XR or Saris H3, or if discounted the Wahoo Kickr Core. I think they are all around or just outside the limit of your price range

Edit: The Discounted Direto XR is a good purchase at that price, with better specs than Suito or the Zwift Hub

Those would be a big upgrade over your current trainer. I recommend checking out reviews from DC Rainmaker and GP Lama on YouTube or their websites for in depth understanding of their differences and capabilities.

you can maybe find a kickr v5 for that. i paid £650 for a new one not too long ago. i also liked my old direto x if you want to stay with elite, you can get those for less than £400 now probably.

i briefly had a saris h3 and it was a pile of crap when it worked and broke within 3 months but i could have just had a faulty unit.