ZP on Zwift power site

I ask the group to fix up the ZP outcome from last Thursday ride at 7:15am nicley and then I get ban from the group.
I normally do the ride without getting a ZP outcome and Zwift this time put me in category C and not category b.
category forced event.
Event:zwiftpower events.php?zid=3382197

Note : I normally do not get a ZP with using the same sit up


is your trainer an elite muin? or any elite trainer that uses a “misuro B+ sensor”. because those technically aren’t smart trainers but regular trainers with a cadence/power estimate attachment and zwiftpower sometimes incorrectly categorises them as power sources. i don’t know why it works like that for this specific trainer, but it does.

My trainer is not smart trainer and the main person that run this event know this.
I have use smart bike at the gym and get same outcome as if I use non smart trainer.

The problem with the smart trainer it log out and I lose connect to Zwift.

In the past I have use non smart trainer without getting a ZP.

Note: this was my best ride and I was wearing heart rate monitor and going off the heart rate monitor, I was pushing really hard when doing the ride.

it’s likely that the event is set up to automatically disqualify non-smart trainer users. i’d probably suggest getting in touch with the event organiser and asking him to reinstate you as an exception, although it’s his call. i don’t know the organiser’s details but from what i know it’s quite a popular event so it should have a dedicated facebook page or something like that where you will be able to reach him

I’m ask them nicely in Facebook group and then I got banned from the group.

You did 3.58w/kg in C. I’m not removing the DQ.

Enter the correct category please.

James, two question if I may which might help Matthew and myself understand his disqualification.

  1. If Matthew was category C before the race has he entered the correct category?

  2. If the event allows ZPower riders (but not ZPower winners) should his 3.58w/kg probably result in a wkg enforcement rather than a ZP disqualification?

I think the ZP was manually entered.

Here is my heart rate for the event using myzone heart rate

Congratulations on your upgrade.

It was category enforcement race.

If I was in cat b before the race it would not allow me to race in cat c.

Note cat D was was blocked out beacuse before the race it put me in cat C

I’m not sure that what I’m going to write is 100% accurate but:

I think from what I can see is that possibly your did not receive a ZP notification for your last AHDR because you were on ZPower but because in the race you put out an average of 3.58 w/kg. This was a great effort but, I believe, unfortunately well over the 3.2w/kg C Cat limit.

Possibly ZP was manually entered by the organiser instead of WKG - I don’t know.

(Edit a day later - having read a later post I have now re-read this thread and realised that this and the previous post were submitted at possibly the same time. I had not taken on board the CE comment above. WKG should not apply to CE events AFAIK)

I see that you enjoy and almost only ride with the AHDR. I hope this will continue to be the case in the future.

ZP It was automatically added to Zwift power site and normally they fix it up afterwards.

Note it was category enforced event and it was first time I could stay in the main group for the whole ride.

I think this W/kg is bit unfair.

It catch 22 here : use power bike at the gym and which drops out or use bike at home doesn’t have power metre.

So, you weren’t using a power meter or smart trainer?

Sorry I was looking at this too quickly earlier inbetween other things. Based on what you’ve said it sounds like it’s an automatic one because you were on zPower (and likely the reason why your power was higher)

Tim, the event person knows I do not use power metre because of this reason I list above.

See the picture uploaded

It normally get change after the event by Tim and this time he didn’t.

The chop event was category enforced event and time I was place in category C and after the race Zwift upgrade me to category B.

At the start of race if was in category b and then Zwift wouldn’t allow me to go in to Category C race and would only allowed me go on to A or B Category races.
I give example of this it Caterogy enforced race and will not allow me go below the Caterogy I’m in before the race.

Note the rules of the event was it was category enforced event otherwise and the rules it would said I need power metre and which it did not and some events say you need a heart rate monitor or both.

The chop rules

This is example of event saying you need a power metre and heart rate monitor

If the race was under CE and allowed ZPower entries and the OP did not win (No ZPower winners) and If a ZP Dq has been applied should the OP reach out to:

a. Zwift staff/you via this forum
b. Zwift via support@
c. The Race Organiser - via Facebook or suchlike

I might be able to guess who the race organiser is - Can I ask whether it is appropriate or good forum form to tag a race organiser in situations like this ?

Many thanks.

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I would always contact the race organiser directly but in this occasion it appears that a smart trainer was not used and the ZP tag is being applied correctly.

Always race organiser first
Then zwiftpower@zwift.com
Me as 3rd line

If it was no zpower event it would have in the rules for example this:

But the rules for the chop is this

Allowing zpower for the event.