Disqualified From Race

Hi Everyone,

I’ve searched google and all around the zwifpower website but I can’t find an answer/

I got disqualified from this race : ZwiftPower event ID - 3219535 (sorry tried to link this)

It was age based and I raced in zwift under category A. (30-39) I am 35.

My 20 minute and 5 minute power were under the 5 w/kg allowed for the event but my 1 minute power was over. However many other peoples were, including the winner so I don’t think I’ve been DQ’d on power.

I’ve tried to look for how to contact the race organiser but I can’t find anything.

Can anyone help?


It shows your age as ‘junior’ on Zwift Power (for the event), so I assume that is it.

Hi James, I noticed that in the results too but when I go to my profile my age and DOB are correct so I don’t understand where it’s read that from.

your age now shows as master so whatever you have done must of fixed it i would try contact race organiser to re-instate you

Hi Gordon, I linked up my strava profile and that seems to be what sorted the age category. I had no idea that all my previous races had been showing up as jnr either!

Do you have any idea how to contact the race organisers of an event? There never seems to be any details on zwiftpower so I feel like I’m missing something.

@James_Zwift any idea who the organiser is for ZwiftPower - Login ?


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Thanks James, where did you find this info?

I’m a full site admin so I had to find out what series was used in the event and then find that series - with the series page showing who the owners are.