Zwift power race question

Hi. Im quite new to the racing side of zwift but id like to do more. I had a
masters race on wednesday and I came about 260th out of about 350 and as a heavy 62 year old I was quite pleased with that.
When I checked on zwift power, it came up as only 160 riders in the filtered section and i wasnt mentioned.
I was in the unfiltered section of 193 riders and I just wondered why I wasnt in the 1st section and also where did all the other 160 riders go who finished?.
I was wearing a hrm if this helps.

Give you tell me the bit after ZID in the event link on Zwiftpower?

Hi. I cant find what your after. Will this help

Click on your address bar - the zid bit is in there

Don’t worry. I’ve found it :slight_smile:

David, you’re in the G Category. This event is sorted into Age categories after the event has completed: ZwiftPower - Login

Ok. Im really confused now. Im normally a cat D with a ftp of around 242. When I checked zwift power it had me as a D rider but youre saying it put me into cat G. Why would that be?

Is ther an overall list to show me where I fi ished within all the catergoies? I know i finished ahead of some c’s and even b’s and just wondered how i did oberall.

You should read the race description, You got lucky by entering the correct category.


Im not sure what you mean by I got lucky? I entered as a D for my age but its got me down as a G. I genuinely dont understand and how do I rate against everyone else?

Ive just found the time toggle​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I assumed you are normally a D category rider since you mentioned FTP.

the race organizer split the age groups again after the race is done because there is only five racing pens available.


Congratulations on your Masters ride. I’m the same age and thinking about trying some age category racing but have already seen how powerful some of these very experienced older cyclists are.

You entered as a yellow D and were probably (if you had entered non Age related Zwift races before) expecting to race against only those within the same maximum power limit 2,5k/wg as yourself. This is not how Age related racing works. As Gerrie has pointed out in this race the Yellow D category was for anyone 60-69 no matter what their max w/kg power is. As you have probably now worked out that even though there are 5 entry groups the proper results are broken down into 10 x five year age groups and that is why you end up in results group G.

I’m sure you are pleased with your performance as, you have just seen by toggling the Time option, you beat 5 people younger than yourself.
But, and I’m not really a racer more someone who studies the form, if you found you had difficulty finding a race group to stay with you might well find that you are best suited to sticking to normal races where yellow D group riders are also supposed to be under 2.5w/kg. by the way if you do ride ‘young persons’ D cat races there is still the option within the results to see the age groups of other riders. Try playing with the ‘columns’ option just above the time toggle option you have just found and see which areas of the options you wish to add or remove from the results list.

In answer to your question where did the other 160 riders go - there are thousands of riders racing in Zwift but if they are not (and they currently don’t have to be) registered with ZwiftPower their results don’t generally get transferred across to and show up on the ZwiftPower results.

I’m not fully conversant with all the ways in which everyone uses or is able to use Zwift and the Zwift Companion app. As such I don’t know how you view your ride Activity. You have left your Zwift profile as Public so I am able to see your Activity. On 9th Feb 2020 I see you did the Alp Dash race. I have left you a comment on that activity. If you are able to read my comment on your Activity page you will see just above the comment your race results for that race. I believe these race results include everyone who was in the race.

This would be the case with your Masters SA race if only your Activity was beIng fed to your Zwift Companion App. Your Activity does not appear to have been uploaded since 29th March 2020. I am now at the limit of my own knowledge so can’t help you further but if anyone else has read this far possibly they’re can let you know if it is possible to review the full race results available outside of ZwiftPower.

Hope this helps a little.

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Ian. Thankyou very much for the detailed reply. It was most helpful. Im.gradually getting into the racing side of zwift. Im feeling a bit more confident now. I left a comment on the companion app for you before i read this. I didnt realise that was my alpe time. Ive done better since :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Im a little slow at times . On the bike and in the head. Ive just discovered in the activities section, it gives me all the information I need.