Disqualified from ZwiftPower race results

I was disqualified from the ZwiftPower race results, but i am not sure why. Is there a way to find out about disqualification reason, and challenge the disqualification. The race was short, so my average power for higher than for typical longer race - but still well within my power curve considering the short duration.

I was wearing HR monitor during the race and it shows an average HR of 163 - which is quite high for my age and correlates well with power.

I did not make any changes to my indoor bike setup, or change any Zwift parameters such as weight or height.

Even though I am only occasional Zwift racer, it is still a puzzling to see my results being ignored for no good reason. Is it possible to determine disqualification reason and challenge it?

Thank you!

Zwift Insider Tiny Race. You get DQed if you drop into the 4 races mid race. In other words, if you start race 4 without doing race 1, 2 and 3 then you will get DQed.

This is because people would drop into the 4th race without doing the first 3 and because they had fresh legs they will smash the rest of the field who are fatigued from doing the previous 3 races.

The DQ is non negotiable because the rule is there for a reason.

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This makes sense. Thank you for explaining the rules. I guess, I did not read the fine print carefully enough. Thank you!

Bizarrely, I was looking back through my ZwiftPower results and saw that I’ve been retrospectively DQed from Tiny Race (2 of 4) on May 6, 2023 (the result had been showing correctly for ages until a few weeks ago!). This is an erroneous DQ - I started and finished all four of the races, had HRM etc etc. It was a long time ago, but I remember it being a bit of a sufferfest!


Fixed. Good ol’ ZwiftPower bug that pops up now and then, where the result ID in ZwiftPower gets assigned to another result after the fact. No idea why it happens, but it’s annoying. I wonder if @davidp knows about this?

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Is this after a manual edit or just happens randomly in any event?
I still haven’t fully understood the problem.

I posted this back in Nov 2023 in another forum

Since around November 4, I’ve been having issues processing my Tiny Race results. Specifically, it appears as though ZwiftPower is changing the result IDs that it assigns to each rider’s event result.

When I process my Tiny Races to DQ riders who skip races then rejoin a later race, I save all the race results to an external database so I can crunch the numbers. So I have the saved result IDs from ZwiftPower.

I started getting complaints from people saying “my result says DQ but I raced all 4 races!” I started digging around, and their result ID had been changed, and one of the DQ riders now had their result ID.

Anyway… hoping someone can shed some light on what’s happening. Or just fix it. But I doubt either will happen, sadly, because ZwiftPower is a bit neglected these days!

Hope that clarifies it, David!

As an example, Tim Melville’s issue above…

When I go to edit his results, his record looks like this:
A, be, 3, 629, Tim Melville [AHDR], 3011893, 452185900026, 0,

The reason he was DQ (incorrectly) was because one of the the riders I wanted to DQ was given that same result ID (452185900026). It’s never like this when I first process the results, but then it seems like within a day or two, and totally randomly (most weeks it doesn’t happen at all) that ID will get re-assigned and mess things up, resulting in random incorrect disqualifications.

I wonder if this bug is causing this problem with 20m power missing. Or if that is a completely separate bug.

zwiftexpertscom indicates this could all be due to the geomagnetic storm recently making the skies colorful in the northern hemisphere.

Then again, this topic has been marked as solved, so carry on…

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Thanks @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn !