DQ in 2. Race of tiny races🤷‍♂️

Hi guys, I don’t understand my DQ in the second of four tiny races. All other been good. My power wasn’t higher or other things happened.
Maybe I can’t see the obvious. If someone can take an eye on it?
Thanks a lot.

Rainer is this from 29th July?

@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn this must be a mistake?

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This happens occasionally - I think ZwiftPower delays listing a rider in the results (for reasons unknown) and we process the results before ZP updates itself.

Your DQ has been removed from the race itself, although it’ll still show on your profile page until things refresh tomorrow, I think.


Hey Eric, I think the same happened to me on race 2. on 05/08/2023. All the other races seem to be fine.

zwiftpower 3297937

Yup. Just re-ran the results, so your DQ will go away.

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