DQ Tiny race 28.10.23

Hello everyone! Can someone explain me why I have a DQ in the 4th Tiny race on October 28th? I completed all 4 races. Where is the mistake?

Thank you in advance, Tina [WattFabrik]

Can you share the event ID or your rider ID? Sometimes there are problems processing the results but @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn can sort them out.

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You’ll need to post a URL to the race in question, please, so I can take a look.

Nevermind, found it!

This is a weird one. Had another racer with it on the same date - ZwiftPower assigned the same “Result ID” to two riders, and when I DQd the one rider, it DQd both.

So I’ve un-DQd the one rider, which allows your result to stand. That’s the only way I can see to do it.


That actually seemed to be the reason! My DQ is out and the points are back.
Thank you very much Eric🙏

Thank you for help, Paul :smiling_face:

Eric, can you check mine too? It was on 11/4/23.

I met all qualifications- did all Tiny 4 races, HR monitor, was in the proper category, used a KIKR trainer, and was signed up for ZwiftPower. I’m not sure what would cause DQ other than a mistake, as mentioned above.

7:45 am (PT) - not sure how to find the Race ID. It’s the A category - zwift ID is 2909421


There’s some sort of processing bug happening, and I haven’t found what’s causing it yet. Sigh…

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Thanks Eric!! I’m sure I speak for many out there - we appreciate what you do for us!!

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Hello again Eric,
I’m sorry, I have to ask again. What happened now? Now I have a DQ in the 3rd race on 28.10.2023. My Zwift ID is


Thank you very much, Tina