Why did I get DQ'ed

I did the Zwift - Race: Zwift Insider Tiny Race (3 of 4) (D) on Two Bridges Loop in Watopia today for my first time. I felt I did good but not exceptional but I saw that I was liste as DQ’ed and I have no idea why. (Michel Guay JZQc 1911252); how do I find out why?

You’ll be DQ’d in the Tiny Races if you don’t do all 4. Could that be it?

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Most certainly is. I did not realize this fact. Thanks for you quick response and Merry XMas.


Merry Christmas. You should probably remove your phone number as private info shouldn’t be shared on public forums.

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No “sniping” allowed in Tiny Races.

You must enter race one, if you return after missing one or more races in the quartet, you get dqed for all races after the gap.

Thanks, I had not realized that my phone nimber had been added.


Merry XMas to you too. Strange since I dont see my phone number in my reply and I do not have any idea how it got there nor how to remove it (since I dont see it).

Edit: Wayfinder removed personal information


You did it again… are you replying via email with an email signature? A moderator probably deleted it for you.