New Zwift Tiny Race

Hello guys. Is there anybody with appropriate admin rights willing to organise a new Zwift Tiny Race derived from the original Zwift Insider Tiny Race format but with more relaxed rules? Over last weekend, about 200 riders got DQ as they were not able to complete all four races - a new rule abruptly imposed by the creator. Judging by the community reaction, there is a high demand for such races that allow riders to choose courses that suit them.

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Anyone can setup a club and put on club events. Although not anyone can configure in ZP.

What was the issue with the DQs. it seemed quite a fair way to manage the event to me to stop those race sniping to get in easier races with tired riders.


My only issue is that this kind of 4 race series should be with PRIVATE events if there is a DQ.
Only registered riders would get the event invite link.

We all know that lots of people don’t read descriptions and join races just because they have time.

If people choose not to read the event description and then get DQ’d I think tough luck!


True, but just like other post-race DQs (Zpower non-smart turbo; not being on Zwiftpower; not wearing a functional HRM; riding in the wrong non-Category Enforcement category etc.), these racers in the front bunch will be massively influencing how races play out.

100%. That’s why Zwift need to sort a race organiser toolkit so these things can be controlled in the game itself, and event organisers don’t have to go underground just to be able to innovate.


What would the format be? A single 10 minute race or 4 unconnected back to back races that you can pick and choose from?

4x10min at 2W/Kg pace, every 15mins and drafting turned off. :wink:

Custom length, perhaps longer distance for more talented riders.

You have the admin rights.

What i dont get is whats the big deal about getting a DQ? You still get to see your power. Zwift still shows you how you did.

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Four races in 60-90 minutes (5 km-7 km each) that you can choose from based on your phenotype (climber/sprinter). It may include mass time trial or even some rare course like Alpe du Zwift downhill sprint.

Haven’t tried these before but the introduction of the new Pack Dynamics 4.0 for this week’s series (Oct 29th) has piqued my interest.

Couple of quick questions.

  1. Is the idea (still) that you’re encouraged to ride all four races back-to-back?
  2. I’m normally cat-C for CE events, but noticed that D and E cats are open to me. Is this a mistake (or does it simply reflect my feeble short-duration power numbers :rofl:


You should read this (from the post where you saw they will use PD4) : Tiny Race Series – October 29 Rules Changes, Pack Dynamics 4, Routes, and Results | Zwift Insider

If you are able, doing all four at your power limits, or simply racing all four with a racing strategy, is great training.

It sounds like your power numbers have dropped a little in the rolling 60 days, opening up D (plus E which is for racers without CE data), or you have improved your 2-3min power which bizarrely can lower your CP and open up weaker pens.

Thanks Steve. I’ve not raced much in the last 60 days, so this is a bit of a mystery. When I signed-up for Thursday’s “Race Like A Champ”, cat-C was the lowest open to me. When I looked at the “Tiny Races” a few minutes ago, D was available.

Any idea where I might get the most benefit/enjoyment (lightweight old fart)? Entering cat-D would feel like sandbagging, somehow.

If you can fit it in your training/racing schedule, I’d suggest doing a 10-14min “proper” effort or two (longer the better, as some Tiny Races these days can be a struggle to complete within 15mins and make it to the start pen before the next race begins, if you are doing ~2W/Kg) after a warmup.

You can then compare the W/Kg to previous Tiny Race events (especially the first one when all on fresher legs) and if you do it on Zwift, well CE will decide if D is still an option for you.

Thanks for the advice Steve.

My two “Race Like A Champ” C-cat events on Thursday should give me 2 full-on efforts of 11-15 mins (ish) duration. I’ll see what “Tiny Race” cats are available to me after this.

TBH, I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage 6 races in a week, even very short ones! Might do more harm than good.

William, that is interesting… This is what Zwift has to say:

Anyone who doesn’t have any activity on Zwift within the previous 60 days can only race in category E. Category E is optional, and must be requested by the race organizer.

So logically
either you have data within last 60 days so you can enter A,B, C or D depending on you ride activity
Or you have no data so can only ride category E.

I can’t see that you should have the option of all 5

Edit - after more thought should Tiny races even have a cat E. checked and last week people were riding in E category, as can be seen in ZP results numbers, but E category results do not show up.

Thanks Ian. Yes, it’s very strange.

I just deleted one of my c-cat events that I’d already signed-up for on Thursday and then re-registered to see if there was a glitch (still only A, B and C available to me on re-registering with D and E “blocked”).

If I now look at the Tiny Races for Saturday only A-C are available now, with D and E blocked.

Beginning to question my sanity :upside_down_face:

Did you Zwift yesterday after ~1400 BST and/or before ~1400 today?

Your latest data might have just been processed at ZwiftHQ and changed categories you can enter.

William, my last thought on the matter.
Any chance it is your dexterity rather than sanity in question. Were you using CA to look up events and possibly clicked on the wrong race. If you clicked on a ZP regulations race you would of course see all 5 options open to you.