I ask for help. I was disqualified in the last 2 races of The Zwift Tiny Races with the designation “ZR”.
What does this mean, I don’t know what I did wrong and I don’t want to have this in the next races.
Unfortunately I can’t find a complete list of disqualification codes anywhere.
Thanks for your help.

The information you are looking for is explained in the link below.

In summary that is not a ZR it is a 2R which means you raced only 2 of the 4 races and, as from the weekend just gone, it has become a requirement that you race in all four.

At end of the link is a comments section and you can read that this new requirement is being discussed further.

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Ah ok
Thank you very much for the Info.
.Unfortunately my legs were not able to do the other 2 races. :grin:

Eric decided to set new rules for the Tiny Races this weekend.

If you don’t cross the finish line in each of the four races in the quartet at 0900/1500/2100 BST, you get disqualified for all stages you do complete.

Apparently zwiftpower rank point sniping is a thing.

Personally, I think riders simply love taking part in big field races, which the Tiny Races certainly are. Time allowing, I think riders drawn to such races will attempt as many of the four as their bodies will allow.

~25% of all racers yesterday were affected, including Eric and myself.

I couldn’t swear on it, but I think my Zwiftpower rank score lowered a bit despite the DQ.

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I don’t think those who were filtered out have received a Race Rank score. Their actual finishing position in the race has impacted on the Race Rank score of those shown in the results, as is usually the case.

Edit to correct factual error: see info below. Although no Race Rank score is seen on the filtered results it does appear the Race Rank score you would have received does go through to your best 5, if in fact it would have been one of your best 5.

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This race is going to be written in history as the race with the largest amount of DQ riders in one single event on Zwift. Perhaps 200 people ended up DQ. Absolutely ridiculous.

Highly unlikely seeing as ZP rankings can’t go down based on a result, only up.

I think that is what he means - Even with the DQ applied, ranking points were awarded to users so their rank would have decreased.

It looks to be a ZP quirk…

There is a post by Eric on Zwift racers about it…

As in I think, but couldn’t swear, my rank score was ~320-340 before Saturday, it’s now 309.82 (I placed 41st and 12th in racers 1 and 4 respectively iirc).

I don’t know how ZP Ranking works…but if it’s based on the events in last XXX days. Some events that bring you points can be deleted and that’s why a decrease?

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Yes, but in this instance there ranking points were awarded to those with a DQ, as per Steve comment above.

Eric on Facebook:

Here’s a fun ZwiftPower “feature” I confirmed over the weekend thanks to my new Tiny Race “no sniping” rule.
If you DQ a rider, the points they WOULD have earned for their result, although they don’t show up next to their result, are added to their overall ZwiftPower ranking points.
So the riders still get the benefit of an improved ranking, even though their race result says “DQ” and shows no points earned. Makes no sense.
Since there isn’t a good source of ZwiftPower knowledge these days, I’m asking the Zwift Racers hive mind: is there a code I can put instead of “DQ” that will cause ZwiftPower to not give the rider those points? Or is there no way to make this happen?

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This is written in FAQ…so it’s based on your last events

A riders ranking going into every race is calculated from the average of their 5 best results in the past 3 months.

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Yep it’s best results, so ranking will only go down if a ranking has timed-out.

Also yes, points applied even if DQs are retrospectively applied.

Looking at my Zwiftpower profile, if I click “columns” and then click “reset view” so “rank before” column appears on far right of table of past races, it was…

343.77 in the Tiny Race 1
336.74 in Tiny Race 4

My score is now apparently 309.82

Like I wrote, I’m not sure how these things work and my racing has been very sporadic over the summer. My rank score was as low as ~272 in spring and has gradually headed into the 300+.

Edit: seems this was just some confusion over what you meant by lower :slight_smile:

Lower is better, so your ranking has improved

Click the ‘FAQ’ tab:

Now you know :slight_smile: