Disqualified from a race

Yesterday I did my first couple of races since starting to get fitter by using Zwift in February. I did a couple of the tiny races and I found them extremely trying and difficult. I finished last but one in my first one and I managed to do a little better in the second by finishing around 45th out of 60. I looked at the swiftpower results a few moments ago, and there is a DQ next to the race and I am probably presuming correctly that this means disqualified. There isn’t any explanation, or at least I haven’t noticed one, as to why this has been given. My w/kg are well within the requirements and were never going to go above the limit because I am simply not fit enough, and it showed during the race. So this has left me confused as to why I have been disqualified. \is there any way of finding out?

Look at

“The idea is to race all four events” - I am not sure, but believe you MUST race all four.

you have to finish all 4 of them or you get a dq

But I didn’t get a DQ from the other one I did. It wasn’t as if I was dq’d from the 4. It was only one.

But I only got dq’d from one of the races. The other I finished was fine. I had a look at what you posted and can’t see where any transgression could have been made. My ftp is way too low to be mistaken for a higher category rider, so enforcement restriction couldn’t have played a part. In fact, my stats were higher in that race than the one I was dq’d for. It’s confusing if an explanation isn’t provided.

I don’t race the series, perhaps @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn can answer?

you finished 2 races, the 2nd was given a dq because you didn’t finish all four races, if you had done 3 races then race 2 and 3 would have been dq’d

OK. Thanks for the reply. I’ll go with that. But maybe a DNF would be more appropriate because a DQ can carry the connotations of maybe having cheated. So I guess the mechanics of wanting to only enter 2 races means that you have to do races 1 and 2. You can’t do 1 and 3, for example.

“No sniping” rule used for Tiny Races.

Must race first of group of four, any races finished after a break are DQed.

You did races one and four.

Don’t stress about the DQ, loads of racers get them from this series every week, if they motivate you to ride do what works for you.

OK Thanks. Makes sense now.

DQs aren’t a big deal, they can happen to the most careful of us. but yes, for this series race 1 must be completed, and while you don’t need to finish all four, you can’t skip any.

the idea behind the rule is to prevent people with fresher legs from “sniping” the later events from people who have properly raced all of the previous events. personally, as someone who enjoys this series myself i don’t mind people doing that but it bothers some other people.

Hi Kerry!

You don’t have to race all 4 races - you just can’t skip a race then return and race others.

So racing 1 and 2 is fine. Racing 1 and 3 is not. You would be DQ from race 3 in that case.

This is because people are building up fatigue as they do each race, so it’s not fair to skip then hop in with fresh legs.

So, question is: did you skip?

If not, let me know what zone you raced, and I can go in and check. Sometimes ZwiftPower messes up and doesn’t have your result in it when I process results, and the DQ is therefore unfounded.

Thanks for the reply

I didn’t skip. I entered all four races and started races 2 and 3 but did not complete them. So there doesn’t look like there’s anything amiss here apart from my weak leg muscles :slight_smile:

All is perfectly clear now.