Do Zwift racers really care about their Zwiftpower rank score?

As some of you may be aware, a bit of controversy is boiling up after the very popular and fun Tiny Races on Saturdays changed their rules this past weekend.

~25% of the field over the three zones (0900, 1500, 2100 BST) were disqualified from the Zwiftpower results, because Eric decided to change the rules of engagement… If you don’t cross the finish line for all four Tiny Races in a zone, you get disqualified from all four races.

The reason: Zwiftpower rank score sniping.

Is this really a significant thing that some racers are doing? :thinking:

Personally, I couldn’t give a monkey’s about my Zwiftpower rank score, it is what it is. I join races that fit my schedule, over routes and distances that appeal, ideally with lots of other racers… According to how my body feels (if I feel able to do all, I will, even jumping between series on say Thursday lunch).

Just like disqualifying Zpower (“dumb”) turbo users after the event (or those that didn’t wear a HRM etc.), any potential damage to the race integrity is done, if they are in the mix for a good finish position they will influence the race outcome.

I’m struggling to think of another series that has back to back races that has this “anti rank score sniping” rule, but maybe that’s me looking in the wrong places. I’m not aware of anything for…
Snap, Crackle, Pop!
Mountain Massif Mini
Oh Crit!
Inc Relentless

If they are to get reset when we move to ranking system then pretty much do as they like.

If they are not, then they do matter as this will set the stall out for post CE.

On the Tiny Race series, you are entering a 4 race series, finish it all or you dont complete the race - therefore 0 points seems right. If there was an option to set up a race series on Companion App entry then I think people would look at the race differently and not as 4 individual races.


It is also a point that racers just entering one of the later races with fresh legs, ruins the 4 race league for those that have done the previous races and enter with tired legs.


I don’t care about zwift ranking but i know quite a few do. Usually those at the higher end but sounds fair enough DQ after like Zpower and HRM it encourages fairer racing.

Yes the damage is already done but it might make them think twice about entering the event next time if they know they will get a DQ.


I don’t think that was the reason. As mentioned above, the format is somewhat broken if riders only race some of the races, that’s really not the point. The organiser can set the rules as he sees fit.

You don’t get a medal in a triathlon if you only do the swim and the run.


Eric posted a poll in Zwift Racers, and 250 of 280 respondents answered that 4 races should be required.


Where? Never heard of site/group, wasn’t an obvious link to a poll anywhere in the Zwiftpower event pages or at articles at Zwift Insider that I saw, ahead of the announcement.

that’s a facebook group.

Eric himself posted on zwift insider Tiny Race Series – Sniper DQ, October 15 Route Details, and Last Week’s Results | Zwift Insider


Why does there need to be? He is an independent event organiser and can set the rules as he sees fit. He put a survey out at least which clearly got an overwhelming response.


This is also true of tours where riders with fresh legs can make racing much tougher for those who have done all the earlier stages, but its much less likely that such a rule would be enforced by most tour organizers.

In your example they had to finish the earlier stages or they couldn’t enter the later ones (they even have a time limit or they cant start the next stage.). this change kind of replicates that?

Hence the green jersey (points) becomes a battle of attrition as sprinters fail to finish the stage?

Riders entering ongoing leagues without racing the previous events is not such a big problem when it is a weekly race series. What is different about this league is that the races are tiny, the intensity is very high, and they come in short intervals. It is hard to recover between races. Those entering with fresh legs have a huge advantage.

Most tours you have to complete within a timelimit AFAIK. You can’t just enter the last stage if you want?

Yes, lots of people do care. I dont too much but do find it interesting sometimes.

And Eric can do whatever Eric wants for the races he runs. The 4 races are scored like a series which is the intention, just zwift doesnt have the functionality. The fact he ran a poll and still people moan is hilarious to me.


Most of the multi-day (consecutive days) tours I’ve done allowed people to enter individual stages, but they wouldn’t show up in the GC.

They are a totally different type of tour than the tiny races league.

OTR Snap Crackle Pop, four races in ~1 hour starting with ZwiftPower - Login on Weds 19th at 1910 BST.

Three zone quartets of short events each week, EU/ US west and east.

No requirement to do all four.

Same problem there then.

If there was a problem, they would have changed the rules, but they haven’t. :wink:

Good for them.

Just looked OTR up and it is slightly different. At first glance looks like first three races are timed segments only (mostly hills) and as such no Race Rank scores. Fourth race is a short FAL and Race Rank scores awarded.

Another difference is that anyone riding just 1 or a few races is not taking place points away from anyone else. The four races are each based on time so someone jumping into say just the last race might win the race but you still get your finishing time for the overall 4 race results. (Accept someone could be towed to a breakaway win by a fresh rider entering only that one race.)

In answer to your OP question - I’m sure not that many individuals (edit: currently) enter races to improve their Race Ranking (edit - as they mean so little but hopefully that will all change in the future :grinning:). I also suspect that the organisers of OTR probably not that interested in the Race Rank scores being awarded in their last race so unlikely to change.

Eric, Zwiftinsider, has been fairly supportive of the race ranking system so he is probably more aware and, along with place points being taken by single race riders, I suppose he felt something needed to be done to counter both practices. As we have learnt today ZwiftPower still awards those Race Rank scores anyway.