Zpower and DQ

Hi there, i am sure this has been mentioned, and apologise if it has, but i need some advice. I am using the Elite direct drive trainer with a Misuro B+ sensor. some of my results are saying Zpower and some are not. I am serious about ensuring the races and Cat I am in is fair to others and the fact the data is as correct as can be. What are my solutions on ensuring my data is accurate, and do i do to buy some more sensors? your help is appreciated.

Hi @Lee_Webster

Do you pair the trainer as a power source?


Say again…

Just checked and yes…

Is that the issue?

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No it is not a issue that is the correct way to do it.

I think Zwift power see that trainer as Zwift Power because it calculate power based on the “wheel” speed. So it is estimated power.

Some races will specify the ZP cant get on the podium others will allow ZP.

Ok, thank you, is it worth me buying additional speed and cadence sensor?

It’s worth you upgrading to a half-decent smart trainer; elite muin B+ is sadly a very inaccurate unit.

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Just bought it… lol

What would you recommend?

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