Elite Turbo Muin B+ - Is it is dodgy as the reviews say?

Before I started on Zwift, I did some research and found the Elite Turbo Muin B+ to be a good quality direct drive trainer that suited my needs as while it wasn’t a fully smart trainer, it read power, and I don’t have a separate power meter. It is only having spent a lot of time on the trainer and zwift and doing more research that I have discovered that the trainer is frowned upon in terms of its wattage accuracy, and not allowed in races by zwift power etc.

I would be interested to find out just how much it might be over reading etc? Its not an issue for workouts personally, as I have my numbers and train based on the power zones, but it would be interesting to find out other people’s experience and views :slight_smile:


I have an Elite Turbo Muin B+ because it is quiet and feels smooth - I hasten to add I do not use it as a power source for training or racing. On 15 May 2020 I dual recorded a short ride using the Elite Turbo Muin B+ it’s listed here: https://www.zwiftpower.com/profile.php?z=142744

As you can see it is about as accurate as zpower and in the same way would be even less accurate the more power you put out so stronger riders would be even higher % off reality. Personally I find it too annoying to even train with as a power source.

My Quarq Elsa is zero’d before every ride, is calibrated every 6-12 months and has been tested on equipment tested by a third party - to the best of my knowledge it is correct.

The Muin is not a reflection on all Elite turbos - DC Rainmaker has given rave reviews on the accuracy of some of its more glamours siblings.

Plus for Muin: feels smooth, very quiet, sturdy, red
Negatives: steep resistance curve (even if you are not using it for power it jumps up resistance quite hard and this apparently is worse for stronger riders putting out more power), whacky accuracy of circa +/-15% for 5 sec (sprint) and +/-30% for me at 180w.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Helen, Thanks a lot for your detailed reply! Very interesting looking at your comparison ride, I had no idea it was quite that far out of line. I will likely invest in a power meter at some point, but for now it will have to do, and I will take the numbers with a (large) pinch of salt, and use them purely for workout purposes, which still has some use, as I have no basis of ever working with power before. As you say, it’s a nice trainer if ignoring the power :slight_smile: