Is my power accurate?

Just started on Zwift, finally taking the plunge to train for a big event early next summer. I’ve gone cheap to start with a second hand Elite Turbo Muin, and bought a brand new Misuro B+ sensor for it. I’m fairly sure the sensor is set up correctly (12 blinks for serial number 45000ish), but I honestly thought my power output would be lower.

If I throw some stats out here, can someone tell me if this sounds right? I’ve not got anything to compare it to!

Weight: 94kg! (shush)
Over 20 minutes riding solo outdoors I can keep up around 32kmh (10-11kg Cannondale CAAD 8)
On Zwift I’m able to output around 290W over 20 minutes (3.1 w/kg )

Do these two figures sound consistent with each other? Or is my power meter way out of whack?

It is hard to say if your trainer is correct. Some would say that trainer is not the most accurate trainer out there.

But here is my thought, as long as it is consistent. Use it for training and don’t try to compare it to real world distance. Improve your power and FTP have fun and when you go out on the road see if you are stronger and faster.

Enjoy Zwift.

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Thanks Gerrie. Yes that’s kind of my thought. I don’t mind too much if it’s a bit out as I’m only competing against who I was yesterday, not someone else tomorrow!

I’m a bit of a maths and stats nerd though, so I love accuracy! (boring I know haha).

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I can state categorically the Elite Turbo Muin paired with Misuro B+ sensor is one of the worst trainers for accuracy.

But as Gerrie says as long as you’re having fun and getting better than all good.

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