Elite Turbo Muin power output comparisment

Hello Zwift,
iam using Elite Turbo Muin trainer equiped with Misuro B power meter for almost 2 years now. I was always wondering about my power output in Zwift. Its like last times i cn sustain almost 5w/kg for 3 hours. I believe this is too sweet to be the truth. I cycle a lot indoors, outdoors, but still 5w/kg is too much. Recently i have seen video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhFJCSeiAfs where the guy makes a test with Elite Turbo Muin power meter compared to Stages Power meter on the same course. He got 360 watts on Turbo Muin and 300 watts on Stages. 60 watt difference. So i would like to know do you know something about this issue? Which power meter is the most accurate?


The Elite Turbo Muin trainer is well know to produce to much power on Zwift. Often showing in the range 80-100w to much. So when using the Elite Turbo Muin trainer you should use a real powermeter with it to get close to what power you can put out on a bike.