Disqualified with ZP

Hallo, I am using a smart training Elite Qubo Fluid

with a MISURO+ Power and cadence meter. Yesterday I had my first competition in Zwift. I enrolled in category “D” and I had an average of 2.0 W/kg. To my surprise I found myself disqualified, although I am using a trainer with a rear-wheel Power Meter. Did I so anything wrong with my settings? Thank you for whatever answer.

AFAIK is Misuro+ a speed and cadence sensor, no powermeter. Zwift is estimating power = Zpower.
The information on the Elite homepage is not correct, I would call it a lie:
An ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Speed/Power/Cadence sensor…

Thanks for the explanation. So if I get an interactive trainer (for example Elite suito) I get a more accurate response and won’t get disqualified?



Search in forums, there seem to be more users having issues with Suito readings… I am not sure it is a really good option!

Take a look at this

and this

Ride on!