ZP on Zwift power

Hi, I am new to zwift and absolutely love it but I have a concern about Zwift Power. In about 2 or 3 races I have been disqualified. It says ZP and then rank 0. I do not know how to fix this issue. I do not have a smart trainer, I have a CycleOps Fluid 2. I checked my settings and it was on zPower, so I switched it to Classic, but Zwift Power still disqualified me again, which was stage 8 tdz make up. I did every tdz stage and now will not get the perks for completing the tour. I am a Cat D, but once in a while, when I am feeling strong, my max goes to 2.5 for maybe a only a couple mins during a race or other activity. My ftp needs to be fixed to a higher one, but I don’t know how to change it. I don’t know what ZP is and wondering if any of the things I listed are causing me to be disqualified. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

zPower or Zwift Power not to be confused with the Zwift Power website. ZP is your simulated power that results from not having or using a power meter. If you do not pair a power meter to Zwift, it will use a resistance curve for your particular trainer to calculate a simulated/modeled power number. Zwift Power the website will DQ you from most if not all events if using ZP.

If you completed all of the TdZ stages, being DQ’d on Zwift Power will not prevent you from getting the TdZ kit (perks)


hey Lin, i am wondering the same thing about this.
I thought i have a “power meter”? I have the wahoo power and cadence sensor. Does that not qualify as a power meter???

I assume you mean Speed and cadence sensor. A power meter is either power pedals, power crank, power meter rear wheel or a Smart trainer.

When pairing you will pair as a power source if it is a smart trainer or power meter.

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thanks for the response!
when i start my zwift up it shows that it pairs my
“power and cadence and heart rate monitors”. I also can track my watts during rides??? my sensor is on my pedal. but i guess are you saying that this isn’t an official “power meter”?

It doesn’t sound like you have a power meter. Wahoo does not make a power meter unless you include their smart trainers (i.e., Kickr series).

What trainer are you using?