Zpower with power meter

Hi All, I have a cyclops fluid2 trainer that I was originally using with a speed and cadence sensors and had the settings set to use zpower. I then transitioned to using a crank power meter some time ago, but just realized it was still set to use zpower. Is this a problem, is it giving me real power from my meter or is zpower somehow distorting the reading? Guess I should switch to classic with a power meter? Thanks for your input.


If you don’t pair the power meter to Zwift, then it’s still using the speed sensor and ignoring the power meter entirely. I recommend pairing the power meter for much better accuracy. If you do races then it’s even more important.

Hi Paul,

The power meter is paired, but I was wondering if Zwift displays the actual raw values from the meter (which it seems like it does as far as I can tell), or if with zpower selected it does something to change it. My understanding is zpower is only used with speed sensors on supported trainers and performs some kind of estimation.


Zwift will display the power meter reading if you have paired it as the power source.

You don’t have a controllable trainer, so you would still choose the correct fluid trainer, but the speed/cadence sensor will not be paired.