"ZP" behind my name in ZwiftPower results

in my todays race  ( 12.15 wbr 4 lap flat ) i have ZP behind my name

i train with a smart for more than 2 years as you can see in all my previous races .what does Zp means and were does this come from that it suddenly changes from smart to zp ?

kind regards


Are you referring to the results at zwiftpower.com? https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=29539

This site is not run by Zwift but rather by some keen individuals.

The ZP means you were using Zpower i.e. a dumb trainer and speed sensor. Zwift estimates your power based on a known resistance curve. Can be reasonably accurate or way off. If you were using a smart trainer and or power meter as your power source then something has gone wrong somewhere.

I have the same problem and I always train using my smart trainer on Zwift. Some of my rides on ZwiftPower are labelled «ZP» and some others «Power» and I don’t even have a power meter.

It seems to be impossible to manually configure your power source on ZwiftPower as they probably pull this data from the ride itself, just like the other stats.

On the main page of ZwiftPower they wrote: «Results are generated for race organisers using 3rd party tools. We sometimes experience technical difficulties which in turn affects their accuracy.»

thanks forvthe reply’s guy’s , today it seems to be oke :wink:🖒🖒