Zwift not automatically transferring data to TP, Garmin Connect or Strava? Also incorrect power data

I’m on iOS and cannot see all the settings in there so have come onto the desktop to try and work out what has changed as it’s driving me nuts.

Rides have stopped auto-uploading to Strava, Garmin Connect and Training Peaks.

I have checked settings and in Connections there are two Opt-Ins. I’ve switched both of those on, not knowing whether they are the culprit (as I haven’t turned them off!) and the fit files are not transferring.

I can see the fit files in iOS but not on desktop. I really don’t want to waste time manually transferring files. You’re too knackered after a good session to even think!

Any ideas?

I suppose more importantly I had my Garmin head unit on the bike the other night, the last time it did upload automatically, and I noticed that Zwift reports the power 15-20W than the head unit.

How can this be? The information is coming from the PowerTaps to Zwift or to the Garmin Head Unit? There should be ZERO difference in the data. This concerns me greatly. Has anyone else tested them in parallel?

Lots of this happening

My suggestion is to log this with Zwift support - as I dont believe I have seen them acknowledge this (might be wrong on that).

Thanks Dean.

I have already sent a log file to Zwift.

It contains lots of errors.

There clearly must be a problem with their system.

Are you running on iOS or Android?

I’m on iOS and although the app is up-to-date I am resisting updating the iOS version to the latest as we all know it gradually grinds down the hardware. There’s no company like Apple that loves to downgrade you your device so you’re forced to buy the next model…

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