How to get Zwift rides to Garmin connect

Hi this might be of interest to some of you ,sorry if this has already been said . All done on iPhone . 1 Open my Zwift
via Safari 2 Clic the blue download arrrow on your activity .3 save to iCloud Drive 4 .open main Garmin Connect site via Safari (not the Garmin connect app ) 5.Clic manual upload (blue + symbol) 6 .Clic inside the box for file upload 7 .select via iCloud Drive .8 select the file you want to upload Done :slight_smile: you can then edit name etc from the Garmin app as normal . Cheers

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That’s quite a lot of steps.

Each time you ride on Zwift a FIT file is written to your PC (and stored in Zwift website).  You could simply load this file into Connect via the PC.

For those who have smart trainers or power meters which record actual power and not fake power things like IF, TSS and NP are all important. The data which Zwift supply in their activity files is so sparse that none of this can be determined and therefore displayed in Connect, thus uploading a Zwift workout to Connect or any other training software is next to pointless.

What I therefore do is record my record all indoor workouts on my Garmin Edge, including those performed when using Zwift. The Edge automatically uploads to Connect so I get my important power data without having to do anything.  

Strava does not really make use of IF, TSS and NP so I am happy for the Zwift data to end up in Strava.  That is of course if I’m not doing a race as Zwift does not record the watts you drop in the holding pen and it creates a separate ride for the warm up and the actual race. If you therefore drop full ride power PBs Strava would not know about them due to multiple files and missing holding pen data. Therefore again under these circumstances I will prefer the Edge data over Zwift data.



Forgot to mention, the Zwift files also do not contain lap data.  If you do intervals it can therefore be hard to get states on each interval from the Zwift file.  I therefore manually press the lap button on the Edge to get this important data.

I upload it to strava, open the strava activity then type /export_original after the web address of the workout and press enter. I then upload this file to garmin connect. Just remember to change the date/time to match where you live otberwise it will mess your garmin activity calender up.

I would use tapiriik: