Cumulative progress chart

Hello Fine Rider Folk,

With all the wonderful information we have collected in our activities, it would be a simple and neat thing to see progress over time in the base Zwift app.

Activity pages only show individual rides. A historical progress chart: an accumulation of all those efforts/activities would be inspiring and informative. A line chat with the timeline starting at the beginning of my first ride in Zwift. Average speed, average heart rate, average FTP,… for all the rides. And ability to compare efforts on the same ride. What do you think?

I’ve been told that if anyone likes this idea they should comment their approval and excitement about itπŸ˜„


Welcome J,

that sounds like a good idea. have you registered for zwiftpower yet?

While not showing you the info you are looking for in term of a graph/chart it does give you a quick way to look through all your events and see rough progress.

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Hi there, thank you so much for the suggestion! I will pass on the request onto our team. Ride On.