Power Curve of previous rides accessible from the dashboard

We now see the ride’s power (+ HR + Cadence) chart when we end the ride before clicking on Save. This very useful information then disappears and can’t be retrieved after saving the ride. I now have to take a snapshot of the screen to keep record. Please make the data charts of previous rides accessible from the dashboard (or somewhere). Thanks

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No doubt it’s coming but in the mean time just export your rides to Strava and use that.

Thnaks for the input Nigel. I already have Zwift and Strava synced, and usually go to Strava (or TP) for a deeper analysis, but would be nice to keep the simple chart on Zwift too :slight_smile:

I agree - I love the product, and am happy to pay for the service, but the data should be part of the offering, especially at the current pricing. 

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