Make power curve/analysis available for older rides

Currently, it seems the power curve is only shown after a ride/workout, but can’t be found in zwift after saving a ride.

It’d be great if, for any ride in my ride history, i could just see the power curve (and other ride data) visualized in my dashboard (or elsewhere in zwift) - just like it is presented to me just after the workout.

I found a question about this in a bunch of places in the forum/knowledge base, and everyone suggests looking at the ride in strava - but why?  We already pay for zwift and advanced analysis (such as power curves) is only available in strava with a premium membership…

You clearly have the code to do so, so this must be easily possible.

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Zwift has said that there are improvements to the website coming that might include the ability to review the rides with more data.

But, they have also stated that this kind of feature is best performed by 3rd parties who specialize in it (Strave, TrainingPeaks and such).

Thanks, Paul! That kind of improvement is exactly what i am looking for.

Frankly, the argument that 3rd party tools are better doesn’t really make much sense to me in this context. Sure, other companies who specialize in this aspect are better - after all that’s their thing. But then again, why display the curve _at all _if that’s the reasoning? Are they not confident that what they show is right? If that’s the case, that’s a bit troubling, since a lot of the power calculations/tracking/etc is a huge part of the zwift framework.

I think the visualization is a nice tool to get a quick overview of your workout (and i trust it’s accurate) - and sometimes that’s worth revisiting later on. I wouldn’t expect a detailed analysis framework from Zwift. Users who actually want to analyze their rides will go to other, more specialized 3rd party options anyway for detailed analysis.

Long story short, I just don’t really understand the reasoning behind showing the graphs right after the workout, and then not offering an option to view them again later on.


I agree with Tobi Eh. Right after a ride I’m not up for spending time doing a deep dive into the graphs. But after I’ve recovered, I would love to be able look back thru them and spend a few minutes reviewing. 

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