Power outputs post ride

I’m new to Zwift so please excuse this newbie question.  During a ride, I can get to the Pause screen that shows me info that includes power output during that ride, for 5s, 1m, 5m, 20m and compared to best power output for those times.  

This is info I’d like to look at after the ride is done.  I save the ride to Strava, the app closes, and the info is gone.   I can’t figure out how to get the info after the ride is done.  It’s not in the my.zwift.com info for the ride.  


On strava there is the power analysis option if your premium user. 

Since original post is pending

click on power curve on the strava activity if you are premium user


shouldn’t have to be a Strava Premium rider to see this data.  Its basically the only data we want from our ride, no?? 

Zwift website of activities is useless.  Zero data included (bar the bare minimum) for £12.99 a month??  Why aren’t we seeing a Strava like output in Zwift itself?