Workout Steps Mobile App

Hey guys really excited about the workouts now in Zwift. However the workouts on the screen are nice but how about seeing the details on the mobile device as well?

We have a page already with some data about the ride, how about a page dedicated to the workout. 

Top Guage that shows effort. (Blue-Green-Orange-Red) Effort being Green if your on target.
Interval details Percentage of FTP.
Remaining time of said interval
Preview of next few intervals

Moved to Feature Requests. Also, an awesome Feature Request :slight_smile:

I agree, my laptop is usually off to the side where as my tablet is right in front of me. It would be nice to get my Workout stats, countdowns and whats next etc. right in my eye line. 

+1 for this feature request.  It would be really nice to be able to follow a workout through the mobile app. 

Yes.  Having the workout step countdown and next step available on the mobile app.  As well, in free ride, it would be nice to have the upcoming road profile.  maybe like 30sec view.