Zwift Mobile App Features

Not sure if this has been posted, but after one ride using the mobile app, some suggestions

training metrics should show more than what is already seen on swift…things like NP, IF, avg power, lap power, etc.

potentially show real-time graphing of rides (for power, HR, cad, speed, whatever)

-Allow riders to calibrate PMs, conduct spindowns, etc. through the app.

Just a couple of initial thoughts.  I love Zwift so far…so much that I feel bad about not riding outside more as the weather gets nice.  

I think the 3 screens on the mobile device are good, especially the list of other riders in front and behind, and the easy to use icons.


However, it could be greatly enriched with the following:


  1. screen to show each of your lap splits, power, pace etc

  2. Screen to show your average stats

  3. Screen to show the top 20 rankings for orange, green and Polka dot jerseys

  4. The power and HR average charts that appear at the end, could these too be shown?


I was hoping to be able to trigger the power ups from the mobile link instead of putting my sweaty mitts on my laptop. Can’t seem to find this feature on the app though.