Display averages (speed, cadence, heart rate and power)

I see it’s been requested a few times but they’re old posts and don’t appear to be happening. Just wanted to suggest averages be displayed on screen for the usual items (speed, cadence, heart rate and power). I get this on my Garmin when I’m out on the road, and would love to see them when using Zwift also.

Im hoping after they have completed the London map they have scheduled enough time to catch up with a lot of these requests that will make the user experience better with the app and website feed.

i would really like this as well


I’d also like this implemented as well as the ability to manually create laps so you can see your average power, speed etc over smaller sections of the course.

please add…

Agree - please add vote from me!

Averages of HR, Wattage, Speed and so on are pretty useless in a training program. I have never seen a training program say anything like “make sure during your ride you have an average HR of 150”. You can average 150 in too many ways to make it a useful stat. I can see during a race knowing what your averages are, but any other time it should be avoided. 

I would rather know what zones I am in at any given time (HR and power), this would be more meaningful.

Paul, I’m not talking about training programs - I agree with you and that can be kept switched off. But in non training rides such as group rides, races, or just heading out on your own it can be very useful.  You get in on your Garmin IRL so why not in Zwift? Besides, these types of features should have an tick box to show on screen so you can see none, one, or more.

I’d like to see averages also on the main screen.

Yes I would like to see all of the averages shown on screen too.

Lap Power would be great to see on screen. currently have to use the Garmin 520 to see mine.

Why on gods green earth can’t we see average power :slight_smile: Got to be the best motivator for me.