Average power for workouts and KOMs

I understand that this is a long-running request, but it’s worth bringing up again, it’s so important!

Since I discovered Zwift I’ve been doing most of my indoor training on it, but when doing intervals it’s critical to have a display of *average* power for each interval segment. Because Zwift doesn’t display this I find I’m doing a continual Froome and staring at my Garmin 80% of the time instead of at the screen. For the more intense intervals I almost may as well not be in Zwift at all… Surely it would be an easy fix to add an avberage power box to the workout segment displays?

just trying zwift at the moment… can’t believe this isn’t a standard feature. my power readings are so volatile - has anyone worked out a solution?

thought about running my garmin at the same time with averages displaying…

Bump! This should be a thing. Already done on the zwift FTP tests so why not for every interval?? (like the idea for segments too).

Beyond that having a configurable HUD either on the screen or on the mobile link app would be sweet. I want to see stuff like current lap average, last lap average, lap peak etc.

I’ve used my gps for this before but it’s annoying to be pressing the lap buttons throughout the workout when you’re flat out.