Average Power

(Russell Marks Rev 3 Tri Team) #1

Can average power be displayed on the screen?  Right now you only see it at the end of the workout.  Need to see it during the ride and after intervals in workout mode.

(Mark Hewitt) #2

The on screen displays can’t be customised - it’s a long standing request however.

It’s one thing that you could potentially use a bike computer or smart phone for, if you are using a smart trainer or power meter.

(Breigh Chadwick) #3

How do I view my average power at the end of the ride? Is there a graph that will show you your power over the course of the ride to review once you are done?

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #4

You need to upload the Zwift ride to Strava or Training Peaks.  There is no built-in method to do that.

(Roby Brisson) #5

Also very interested in seeing avg power constantly displayed as well as current power.


(Muzz Mackay MGCC (C)) #6

When actually in a ride it would be nice to see average power or W/Kg. When doing a workout it’s a no brainer !

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #7

The Zwift Academy 2017 FTP Test displayes your average interval power right beneath the top onscreen display.

So there must be a zwo tag for it. (Usable in custom workouts)

Can someone from Zwift tell us about it?

(Brian Sidiski) #8

Loving zwift but this is a big thing that is missing from the program. Every cycle computer, spin bike, or exercise bike I have ever used displays averages in real time. Not sure why zwift is unable to.

(Franz de Leon) #9

I am bumping this. I am creating a custom workout and I would love to know in the Freeride tag how to add the Average just like when you are doing an FTP Test.