Add Average Power to the Zwift Screen

I would LOVE to see the option of having Zwift show Average Power numbers on screen, real-time. This way, I know where my efforts stand and if I need to go faster or slower or am spot on. For example, on Recovery Days, I want to be at 125W average power. With my Sweet Spot Intervals, I need to be at 88-93% of FTP. No way to tell now until I finish. It’s on my Garmin, why can’t it be on Zwift? Just a recommendation. What do you think?

Zwift Workouts: Display Average Power in Custom Workout Intervals

Shane Miller tells you how, here:


The colour graph at the bottom of the screen should also give you a good indication of the Zone you are working in.

Thanks Steve!!!
Very helpful!!!

I do not have that folder on the video. Any suggestions?