Avg Power display / lap timer and couple of other somments

(Andrew Minns) #1

Used Zwift couple times now and really enjoyed experience so far.
Couple of suggestions, sure you already have these on roadmap, but anyway…

I train indoors following a structured program based on FTP. Therefore would be useful to have on screen display where i can select avg power based on 3 or 10 seconds. Like i’d have on my garmin.

Would be useful to have a Lap time function i can press when i’m starting an interval - guess space bar is out!

Would like to see a Normalised Power value for the interval show on screen so i know i’m in the right ballpark for effort.

Would be great if you could let me sync workout direct to Training peaks.

Seems to me like my avatar gets off the bike a bit quick when i stop pedalling. ie having a quick readjustment! guys off the bike and tapping his feet, i’m back on it, then hes playing catch up. I feel like i’d only stopped pedalling for a couple of seconds.

Like others, i’m finding it hard to see where KOM or sprint stages start. Maybe flash up a message 5 seconds till KOM or something for the main climbs.

I like the power ups. Seem to add a bit of fun to the experience if you want to use them.

I know you guys have mentioned that you are working on some training plans / sessions etc so looking forward to seeing them.

Great work though :slight_smile:

(Wheelbrother 1) #2


(Kevin Eggart) #3

Same here. I train based on my FTP, so my efforts need to be in a certain range.  What I normally do on my Garmin is hit the lap button every time I start a new effort in order to ensure I’m riding within the correct range.  What are the plans for adding Avg Lap Power to the screen?


(Chiratas N) #4

Would be great to have the ability in settings to configure power to say 3s/5s/30s averages.

A summary screen showing avg power/NP for each lap or “segment” and also compared against historical efforts would also be cool.