Lap Tool + WPKG Display & More Ideas

Over the past 1.5 year I have logged 17,000km, climbed 110,000m and started using the run feature also.

Some things that have come to mind I wanted to finally suggest in this area.

Lap Button
Could we get a lap button feature in game? For example, like on a Garmin how you can hit the lap to track a current effort, like power and time, etc. This would really help when trying to PB an in game segment, or climb. In the latest Zwift Academy you the timed best power effort workouts, and it showed your avg power during the duration. So you have this ability, just enable it on demand. Like when your workouts go to strava, the intervals show up as laps in strava, would love to have custom ability to do this as I ride/climb, etc. Attempting a PB on the Innsbruck climb or up the Alpe is a bit flying blind as you cant see your avg power overall, a lap button could solve this.

Larger WPKG Display
have been saying this for over a year in game, and everyone typically agrees. The W/KG display is way too small. Say your in a group ride, leader asks everyone to stay at 3.0, its so hard to even see that number on the right hand side. I am using an iPad pro output to larger TV in front of me, its still hard to read that tiny number, the rendering (hinting) on that font is really bad at that size. Why not maybe make it where you could tap the Watts area in the top left and it flips to wkg? Seems you could enable more options by providing users a tap method in the top left area.

Post Race
After a race, there should be something more fun…its pretty drab now when you finish. Fireworks, champagne, podium peoples? Something more video game-esque…

Companion App - Show Basic Route Details
I always see a group ride or race, and it shows the route. But I cannot remember every route by heart, well almost, but not always. Why not just have it listed in the event details lower down, or when you click the route name it slides open some details on the route? This could be done up so nice, show the mini-map or something of the route, elevation, distance, etc.

Running Custom Workouts
Custom workouts, common…please!

Running - More Workouts
I know this feature is still new, but at least provide some of the running plan workouts (the new ones) in the basic listings.

Workout plan - Running & Cycling Plans
I want to do both a running and cycling plan, currently this is not allowed. I am working on my TT ability, but also am working on my run (Duathlon). Right now, theres a drab selection of running workouts, but i cant have 2 plans going at the same time, and I am already a few weeks into the TT plan. First world problems…please fix this.

iOS - Disable Auto Image Upload
Allow me to disable auto image upload to strava from iOS app. This is also quite buggy sometimes, adding duplicates, or deleting the images i added to my strava session.

Running Paths
Love the new 5km route, keep going with this concept, great!

Duathlon Events
Would be cool in the future, but I know this is a nich genre of multi-sport. But hey, would be super cool to have Duathlon races in Zwift, or at least maybe just a “Run then Bike” type of race.

Anyways, just some ideas, please that wpkg display and lap tool, pleaseeeeeeee.

Some interesting suggestions.

but I don’t agree with the second one. Larger w/kg… If you are in a group ride you should follow the leader not your own w/kg the w/kg is just a guide the Leader has to keep track of the power and speed to control the group. If the leader is a small guy then his speed will be a lot slower at say 2.5w/kg than a big dude.

For group rides and races I would like to see Zwift turn off the w/kg and only show it for the group leader in group rides.

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Maybe you misunderstood me, because that’s exactly my point, the wpkg text is very small considering it’s like the most important aspect of a group ride. I think many new Zwift riders don’t even know what wpkg is, and when everyone’s ranting at the flyers to bring it down to the advertised pace, they might not even know what everyone’s talking about (and can barely see this data).

When I’m in a workout or a race, maybe the focus is a little bit of both values, but in a group ride I’m almost never checking my watts as they are pretty much irrelevant, I’m just checking wpkg.

No, you should not look at your w/kg in a group ride, you should look at the leader and stay with him/her.

People are going off the front because thy look at their own w/kg, as i said the speed ant X w/kg for different weight people is very different.

So just follow the leader don’t look at the w/kg.

Lets say the Leader is Rider A and Rider B is looking at his w/kg and the ride is a 2.5w/kg

You can see the leader is doing 175w @ 30.2km/h but rider B will be going at 250w @ 33.78km/h
therefore rider B will be riding of the front.

Getting a bit off topic now, my point is not about targeted wpg or group etiquette, and would love to stay on topic with my suggestion. Which was, the font used for WpKG is too small.

One thing to note, there are rides like WBR Igniter and Volt, where the group leaders are always changing up the wpkg targets for specific durations. To say ignore your wpkg would get you dropped in most those rides. They aren’t just spending the time to type these targets out for people to ignore them. I’m well aware of flyers and numerous issues with flyers, but I’m sure there’s hundreds of other posts on this forum that would be better fit to discuss that.


I am all for the Lap Tool

Really a good update to add a lap tool and it would be very useful avg power/lap
Any chance to add these tool?

How about a “route back to start” feature. With all the turns on the course one can take, it’s easy to get lost, so I could get some guidance back to where I started, then it would be easier to complete a lap or two within a workout session.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to have a UI which is personally customizable… so everyone could chose their own data fields… HR, avg HR, Speed, avg speed, Watts, avg watts, wkg, avg wkg, laps, communication tabs, etc etc …
Customizable UIs exist already 30years in the gaming industry, it looks as if Zwift is trying to reinvent the wheel … copy with pride, seriously!

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Lap timer would be a great addition, especially for courses that don’t have a leader board (like the volcano flat route for example).

auto lap function would be good too (so you could see your stats for the previous 1/5/10 miles)

+1 on larger W/KG display. “I can’t see so good no more”.:nerd_face: Maybe as a toggle option for those that want it.

+1 on duathlon races!

Would be great to be able to set up a race like to following:

  • 5k run
  • 3 x hilly loop
  • 5k run

Once you have reached the goal for the first discipline, Zwift should take you automatically to the next one e.g. switching to bike mode and then back to run mode.
Of course you already can do if kind of manually with going back to the pairing screen and switching between run and bike, choose the correct route and then start pedaling, but the user experience would be different if this is done automatically.

+1 Lap Button
+1 Custom Run Workouts

Also really want the larger WPKG display, either in the game, or companion app at the very least.

Zwift added some of these since my original post, but I would still like to see a larger WPKG reading (it’s still the main number people refer to in group rides) and a lap tool feature.

Still wishing and hoping…

at this point it’s shocking that one of the most basic functions of any training, a lap count, hasn’t been added. Not sure if this is a backend issue or if there is a gamification idea here ie use strava segments vs actual training. The idea around building workouts in zwift is also time consuming, especially if you already know the the workout or have it built in TR or TP. There should be an easy upload feature. This all goes back to zwift just building a lap feature.