Have a lap button to segment interval work similar to garmin computer

I would like to have a lap button added to zwift so that as I do intervals I can easily identify intervals when I submit ride to training peaks and coach.

+1 This would be essential to using a structured workout not loaded into Zwift.


+1 also. Been on Zwift for years and don’t know why this BASIC function never made it into the software build cycle.

The “lap button” needs to be available in Companion to be useful (my computer is away from me while on the bike, but not my iPhone).



Need lap button too.


Yes this is an essential feature; my coach has requested I demarcate my intervals with laps for training peaks analysis. So far, no clue if there are workarounds for this. There certainly does not appear to be a built-in feature.


With the new desert course launched explicitly for training you’d think that a lap feature would have been added. Pre-building workouts into Zwift does not mimic the real road feel. Something I only noticed after I started building my workouts in training peaks and syncing to my wahoo for the lap feature. For note, I have a Tacx Neo so the road feel when climbing or on rolling terrain is very noticeable when you don’t have your workout built into zwift. It’s almost like zwift limits the extremes so you can hit your targeted zones.

Zwift please put a lap button in on the companion app.


(Guthub style :wink:

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I really need this function to review my workouts with my trainer

I’m another user looking for a ‘Lap Button’ in the companion app. Please.

This would be a great feature. I get the laps when I do a structured workout but now that our club is doing sessions via video, a manual lap button would be an awesome addition for later review. :smiley:

Since early beta I have been asking for this simple feature. Please Zwift, please allow a lap marker.

Too slow the Zwift development team. How many of you will be interested to try a new app I am developing competition of zwift with that feature added?.

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Looks like Zwift is not listening. I have been asking for this also. I am sure they could add this to the companion application.

Maybe give BigRingVR a go.

Or it could be automatic, for typical “events” Let user pick which events get tagged with laps. Sample events:

  1. completing events/rides
  2. completing a lap of multi-lap events
  3. starting or finishing a KOM/QOM/sprint

For example, on Strava I have no easy way to split out my power during a race from power cooling down afterwards, other than Strava segments for the route, which may or may not exist.

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Must needed function in Zwift especially if working to your own planned workouts and you want to free ride during.
@Zwift Cmon, simple Lap button on companion will do,… Rouvy does it :wink:

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This would be very useful. I would like to see the elapsed time and distance covered for the split. This would make leading a running meetup easier/better as there is no ability to use or share a workout.

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We need a lap Button, please!!

Would be super if this could be added

Yes! Without a lap button it requires people to splice up their workouts in other applications (Strava and Training Peaks, etc.), though would be really helpful to have a simple Lap button within Zwift for Runs (and Rides). Let’s get this added to the 2021 feature roadmap?

+1 for the LAP-button!
It should be a basic feature!