Auto-lap in Workout Intervals/Steps

I would like to see an auto-lap feature during workouts. That way, each interval/step is within a lap. Warm-up, intervals, and cool down all within their own lap.

This would make analyzing the data in Strava and Training Peaks easier.


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I like the idea - kind of a “dynamic” segment linked to time rather than GPS coordinates so that you can measure performance against the specific stages. That would be neat.

I also would find a lap feature in group ride mode very useful which shows lap time, speed, avg. Lap watts.

Please add a lap feature to workout mode! that will help a lot to analyse the performance of the intervalls

Agree - I can’t believe this is still missing for Strava, it makes it impossible to do post-ride comparisons! It can’t be that hard.

this was added way back. it shows up in Garmin and TrainingPeaks. Go ahead and analyze the .fit file generated by Zwift. this is a Strava issue, not a Zwift issue.

Auto laps for each interval is a great idea!  I love the ability to create my own workouts.  This would complete that feature, in my opinion.


Chris Field

I’d love to see this work for Strava.

By comparison, if I program a workout into my Garmin Edge 800 and ride to that, the workout sections are shown as laps (not segments) in Strava. Likewise, if I press the lap button on the Garmin, then that will also create a new lap in Strava. So Strava already has a capability to pull lap information out of fit files, Zwift just needs to send the right data.



Only thing I can pickup is that the lap record in the .fit file generated by Zwift does not have a lap trigger value of SessionEnd for the final lap.

Zwift seems to be setting all lap records with a trigger of Manual.

This could be what is throwing off Strava.

Like I said, Garmin Connect and Training Peaks both seem to be able to handle the lap information in the activity files from Zwift.

I would bark up Strava’s tree about this. Open a ticket with Strava. Open a ticket with Zwift as well if it means that much to you.



Auto-lap for workouts seems to be broken again on the latest version.

Laps for workout segments still are not showing up in Strava.

Laps used to work in Training Peaks but now they are not showing up either.

Please, Zwift, fix this. You’re .FIT files need some love! :slight_smile:

Laps were showing up in Training Peaks as recently as December 14, but starting on December 15, the workouts show up as one single lap on TP. Is this a TP issue, or did something change with the Zwift file?