Interval Training recorded as Laps

Improve the data file produced when performing workouts by recording each step of the workout as a distinct lap.

This will improve analysis in Strava and Garmin Connect.

Please also consider displaying in the game the running average power in W during each step. This aids hitting target W as an average during each interval.

Garmin Connect automatically starts a new lap at the beginning of each interval of a Zwift workout. It helps to analyze data only for an “all out” intervall or something. That works already great!

Not sure whether other sites are able to do so.
Unfortunately there isn’t such a feature in Strava. I’m pretty sure Strava is not able to analyze laps at all, only segments. Or am I wrong?


Displaying average power could be useful for doing workouts on a dumb trainer. With a smart trainer in ERG mode not really needed.

We do save laps in the fit file for every interval.  You can see these in Garmin Connect, training peaks, WKO+, Golden Cheetah, etc.   Unfortunately Strava seems to ignore them due to how they read in the fit file from Zwift.

Well I tried uploading the data into Garmin Connect which worked fine for all my Zwift rides with the exception of the one interval ride which was the one that I was most interested in.


No way that I can force this file into Garmin Connect. It just gives ‘X Undefined’ as an error code.

So I agree that it looks like your files are trying to record laps, but in error sadly.

Can you send in your fit file? Hundreds of thousands of fit files have been uploaded and I’ve not seen one where the laps were broken.   All the reports of them thus far have been along the lines of it working great.

Great support thanks Jon. How can I send it to you?

Is this any good ?

Hey Jon, I am having a similar problem. Just did an interval workout and when I went to see the laps on training peaks there is no lap data. I found the fit file and re-uploaded manually to see if it was a problem during transfer but it shows the same empty space wehre the laps should have been…can you help

There does appear to be an issue still where laps don’t always register/upload correctly into the fit file.  I have this issue with a recent workout that uploaded to TP with only 2 laps for the first two intervals.

It is the FIT file associated with my workout labeled.

Zwift - Watopia - Lactic Love 8m

1:53 PM Dec 18, 2016

I just did a custom workout and wasn’t able to record laps/splits as well

It would be great to see your av lap power during intervals Then you could push a bit harder near the end if your under power for the interval