Average data windows for structured workouts

My main issue (question) is how come there is only instantaneous power and cadance and heart rate data and no windows for average power and cadence in the interval itself.?

It is very basic and necessary data for training (especially for no ERG mode ). For example, if I am doing 8 min threshold interval (100% ftp for example) , I can execute it as 4min@95% and 4min @105% (aka negative split).
By the way, it the 20min FTP test, you do have the avg. pwr. numbers

What is your opinion about it and is there any chance for adding these feature in the coming future?

Hi @Noam1671640_Harari

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You can edit the workout file to add average power.

Thank you very much
I will try and update about it.

Any way… as it described here, every workout file should be modified by its own and it is not part of the or embedded in Zwift UI.
Seems very strange from my point of view that ZWIFT is lack of this option.
I hope it will be added in the future.
Best wishes

I think that’s part of a larger update that is long past overdue, the ability to adjust the visible data to see avg. power, have a lap button, see lap times, etc, etc. But after 8 years of myself and others suggesting it who knows if it’ll ever happen.

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