Average power needed for workout intervals

I would love to see zwift add average power to all interval segments when doing a workout. Especially helpful when doing a workout off ERG mode. Similar to what is provided in the ramp test where average is displayed as you ride each 1min segment. I coach a group of athletes and frequently have them do repeated intervals off ERG, but they don’t know what they average and could help them determine their repeatable power.

I’m not sure that is a feature that all Zwift users would want universally, but you can add average power to any custom workout segment. Just Google “how to add average power to a Zwift workout.”

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Thank you Mike for the tip. GP Lama created a video on how to add this from the text file, so that is the shortcut I can use for now. Mostly interested for off ERG segments, like repeat 4min VO2 max intervals where I want my athletes to hit an approximate target, but they have the ability to find their repeatable power.