Interval average power

I love the workout mode in Zwift but it is missing one very important feature: average power for each interval. Current power is helpful but when doing any interval longer than 30 seconds the average power for the interval is as important as the real-time power. For example when I am doing a 10 minute SST interval I want to be able to see what my average is over the full 10 minutes as I ride and not just see my power at that moment. It seems this could be accomplished in one of two ways (or both):

  1. Show average power for each interval as they come along in workout mode. 

  2. Provide an option to create laps (with the Zwift app) so the user can click “lap” when he or she wants to start a new lap. Then show the average power for that lap on the screen. 

To me this is an essential feature for regular use of Zwift for structured workouts. 


I second this request.   The new custom workouts are great!   Adding the ability to see your interval average will really make this a pro training application.


I agree with this. 

Totally agree. As we’re always aiming for a certain average power in any given interval, it seems bizarre that we’re kept in the dark during the interval as to what our average actually is! Currently, I have to use my Garmin in tandem with Zwift to get average/lap power - a bit crazy as Zwift is clearly calculating the data - it just isn’t showing it.

i agree with this. i am using golden cheetah on a second screen and my garmin with an extra page for intervall pacing. Still, there are many ideas to make zwift the most powerfull tool. think about analysis, improvements in workout creation, individual display of riding metrics and so on. i think it depends on what zwift’s wanting to be? a slick entertainment solution for recreational riders or a powerfull training tool with the extra portion of motivation for riders with attitude and ambition. i guess the unsolved issues with ppl using zwift with cheating (intentionaly or unintentionally) is the biggest issue. would be so nice if your effort is compareable. the training mode of goldencheetah is still the benchmark here when it comes to serious (intervall) training as the layout of the display is 100% free configurable. 25% of this in zwift would be great.

I was going to make the same post and then saw this.  I think the interval function works great.  But my intervals are usually longer and I like to know the average, not just what the power is at any given time.  

Same here

i have just come to request this and its already here. Surely this could be easily implemented???


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Bump! This should be a thing. Already done on the zwift FTP tests so why not for every interval?? (like the idea for segments too).

Beyond that having a configurable HUD either on the screen or on the mobile link app would be sweet. I want to see stuff like current lap average, last lap average, lap peak etc.